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Google Zerg Rush and defend your search results from the hordes

April 28, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

28 April 2012 – Google still manages to find time to make us snicker. The company’s latest easter egg has us type in Zerg Rush in the search bar and you will get your search results. All appears normal until you will see a swarm of Os gnawing away your search results, but you can mount a defence with your mouse or if you have a touchscreen – your finger(s).

A homage to Starcraft's tactic where players use a rush tactic immediately when the match begins. On your searchengine, you will have to fight off an ever-increasing wave of Os, by clicking them to death.

It is a losing battle, eventually you will be overwhelmed, and the search engine will pat you on the back with two Gs (short for good game) with your APM (actions per minute) and total point scored. You can also share your results to Google + too. 


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