Google Drive to offer up to 100GB storage for a fee

April 24, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

24 April 2012 – Google is expected to launch its cloud based storage service very soon and here are the updates.

It is known that Google will be providing 5GB of storage for free and will be integrated to some of its existing services, such as Google Docs. Some users of Google Docs have reportedly noticed a small bump to 5GB storage.

According to Reuters, Google will be offering up to 100GB storage for a monthly subscription fee. In addition, the company will be using a “sophisticated image search technology” to allow you to search through the data you have stored. Perhaps this could be a competitive advantage for Google as compared to its existing rivals.

" Google dijangka akan melancarkan servis penyimpanan 'cloud' tidak lama lagi dan berikut beberapa maklumat yang sudah diketahui iaitu Google akan menawarkan 5GB kuota simpanan secara percuma dan akan mengintegrasikan beberapa servis yang sedia ada seperti Google Docs. Menurut Reuters, Google akan menawarkan sehingga 100GB kuota simpanan dengan bayaran bulanan. Selain itu, Google akan menggunakan teknologi carian gambar canggih yang membolehkan anda membuat carian pada data yang disimpan. Mungkin ini boleh menjadi satu kelebihan kompetitif untuk Google berbanding dengan pesaing-pesaing yang sedia ada "


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