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White Nokia Lumia 900 available at AT&T

April 23, 2012
By Tan Ming Sin

23 April 2012 – The white version of Nokia Lumia 900 is out for grab now at AT&T. Given how fast the cyan model went out of stock, we expect nothing less from this crystal white model. As reported earlier, the Lumias in US market are still growing strong despite the bug with loss data connectivity. Nokia spokeswoman Karen Lachtanski claimed that “the inventory situation is primarily a function of demand.” With the white model now made available, will Nokia be able cover the loss they did in Europe? We will find out soon. 

" Nokia Lumia 900 di AT&T kini sudah boleh didapati dalam warna putih. Mengambil kira laporan awal yang menyatakan betapa cepatnya model ini kehabisan stok, boleh dikatakan warna putih kristal ini juga akan mendapat sambutan yang sama. Nokia Lumia 900 berkembang dengan pesat walaupun mengalami masalah kehilangan data "


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