Samsung Galaxy S III details hint at multiple models and official Olympics device

April 17, 2012
By Nigel Chew

17 April 2012 – With the Samsung Galaxy S III edging closer and closer, more information begin to show up. According to an exclusive report by BGR, Samsung’s flagship device will be part of an enormous international roll-out.


Not only that, the smartphone will also be the official device for the 2012 Olympics, where Samsung will be hosting an unveiling event in London. There are also suggestions that see the Galaxy S III being launched simultaneously in New York, Seoul and Dubai.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will come in blue, black and white flavours, with 16GB and 32GB variants.

Source: BGR

" Dengan pelancaran Samsung Galaxy S III semakin hampir, lebih banyak maklumat mula keluar. Menurut laporan eksklusif oleh BGR, Model utama Samsung akan dilancarkan diseluruh dunia. Bukan itu sahaja, Samsung Galaxy S III juga akan menjadi peranti rasmi pada Sukan Olympik 2012 dan samsung akan mengadakan majlis pelancaran di London.  Terdapat juga laporan yang mengatakan bahawa Samsung Galaxy S III akan dilancarkan serentak di New York, Seoul dan Dubai. Samsung Galaxy S III akan didapati dalam tiga warna iaitu biru, hitam dan putih dalam varian 16GB dan 32GB "


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