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Tips and Tricks: How to edit a photo on the iPad 3

April 11, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

11 April 2012 – The Apple 3rd Generation iPad (iPad 3) comes with a simple image editor which you can edit your photos on the go.

To use the image editing function, just pick any of the photos in the photos gallery and then hit edit on the top right corner of the screen.

Under the editing mode, you can choose to rotate, enhance, remove red-eye or simply crop the image. If you don’t like what you have done to your image, you can hit undo or revert to original.


Tip 01: You can straighten an image using the crop tool

Tip 02: You can also choose the size of the frame from the crop tool


Once you're happy with the amendments, don't forget to hit save!

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