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Google Maps now offers live traffic layer for Malaysia

April 1, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

01 April 2012 – Google Malaysia has recently announced the availability of viewing live traffic at your convenient of your smartphone. Now, you can plan your journey ahead and avoid any road congestion.

The traffic feed is calculated based on the number of mobile users who are using My Location service in Google Maps, which the anonymous data are sent back to Google’s server, including the approximate speed you are traveling. Google then consolidated the data and present them in the form of traffic feed on your map. Hence, the more users who are actually using Google Maps on their phones, the better the accuracy of the traffic feed.

There are five types of colours that you need to know from traffic layer:

Green – Traffic moving above 80km/h

Yellow – Traffic moving between 40-80km/h

Red – Traffic moving below 40km/h

Black – Bumper to bumper traffic

Grey – Traffic info is not available

Traffic can be viewed via Google Maps on any web browser, iOS or Android devices. In addition, Google Malaysia would be bringing in the Navigation feature soon.

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