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Maxis launches new Plans for iPhone 4S

March 18, 2012
By Tan Ming Sin


18 March 2012 – Maxis announced three new value plans catered to specific users – Budget Conscious, Heavy Surfers and for existing value plus users.  Here’s how they work.

Budget Conscious - Two packages here, Value Plus Internet 50 and Value Plus Internet Supp 30 (only available starting 19 March 2012). Previously at Maxis you have to pay a minimum of RM 100 monthly commitment (iValue 1) to sign for an iPhone plan. Now, you can go for Value Plus Internet Supp 30 at RM30/mth. However, the device prices will be much higher when compared to the iValue plans which we will cover shortly.

Heavy Surfers - Two packages as well, Internet Value 50 and Internet Value 75. These are data plans so there are no SMS or voice-calls bundling with it.

For existing value plus users - Previously Maxis offered their Value Plus (not to be mistaken with Value Plus Internet in Budget Conscious) for Android’s devices only. Now they have included them (Value Plans) for iPhone 4S as well. These plans are similar as the Android’s Value Plans, with some slight adjustments. We will explain it in more details below.

Here are the new iPhone 4S plans:

Here are the iValue plans:

*Subsequent mobile internet usage will be charged RM0.30/MB.

** Value Plus Internet 50 and Value Plus Internet Supp 30 will only be available starting from 19 March 2012 onwards.

After understanding how those new plans work, we will now compare the iValue plans with the new iPhone 4s plans in-term of device prices. Existing Value plus users plans will be excluded since the comparison is for new subscribers only.

As you can see, the iValue plans offer much lower device prices though they charge higher monthly commitment fees. There are two extremes - the iPhone 4S 16GB price can go as low as FREE (iValue 4@24-months) and as high as RM2100 (RM90 difference from RRP (recommended retail price) with Value Plus Internet Supp 30@12-months). 

To summarise:

iValue plans

(cons)Higher monthly commitment

(pros)Higher voice-calls, SMS and Data + Lower device price


New iPhone 4S plans

Budget Conscious

(cons)Lower voice-calls,SMS and Data + Higher device price

(pros)Lower monthly commitment


Heavy Surfers

(cons)Only for Data usage + Higher device price

(pros)Lower monthly commitment


Now we look at the plans for existing value plus users:

As we mentioned before these plans are exactly the same for Android devices, however, we are unsure why Maxis would charge RM310 higher than the RRP for iPhone 4S 16GB with the Mobile Internet 1GB@12-months. 

Regardless, you can still get the iPhone 4S for a lower price in different packages. Will Maxis include Value First for the combination? We will update you ASAP.

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