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Google Chrome for Android beta - First Impression

February 9, 2012
by Lim Pei Hao

09 February 2012 - Google has recently announced the beta availability of its popular Chrome browser on Android platform and we have decided to give it a try.

We can’t deny the fact we love the speediness and the responsiveness of the Google Chrome browser on the desktop, and we are glad to say that the Chrome browser for Android is as good as the desktop version.

Google Chrome for Android

Google has incorporated a sync feature for the Android’s Chrome. You are prompt to log into your Google account when starting the app for the first time. If your Chrome desktop has been tied with your Google account, you can immediately see the links that you open in your desktop Chrome appear in the Android Chrome. This unique sync function works across platform, as long as all the Chrome browsers are logged into the same Google account. Plus, it also syncs all your favorite bookmarks and omnibox history to your mobile phone.

Chrome browser for Android

Another highlight we would like to point out is the user interface (UI) of the new Chrome for Android. It brings in the same UI from Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), which means you can remove a tab by swiping it in the all tabs preview.

Chrome for Android

In addition, swiping left or right on the webpage will let you switch between tabs easily, reminding us about the deck of cards from WebOS. There is also an incognito mode for private browsing.

Google Chrome Android

Unfortunately, it does not appear to support text reflow, you need to scroll left and right for websites which does not offer mobile version. The web browser also does not support Adobe Flash as you cannot view full Flash website.

android chrome browser

Despite on the early beta stage, the web browser is pretty fast and stable for us to use it as a default browser. We did bump into some crashes, but nothing too major to shout about. At the moment, the Chrome for Android only works on Android 4.0 and only available in Android Market in selected countries. Of course, there is always an apk file around corner ready to be downloaded.


" Google baru-baru ini telah mengumumkan pelayar internet Chrome beta yang popular untuk platform Android dan kami telah memutuskan untuk membuat percubaan menggunakanya.We tidak boleh menafikan hakikat yang kita suka speediness dan responsif pelayar Google Chrome pada desktop, dan kamigembira untuk mengatakan bahawa pelayar internet Chrome untuk Android adalah baik seperti versi komputer peribadi "

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