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Apple reaches settlement for Antennagate

February 20, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

20 February 2012 - Apple is going to settle the ‘Antennagate’ class-action lawsuit over the iPhone 4’s antenna issue filed back in July 2010. According to CNET, the settlement will mean one of two options for all US iPhone 4 owners - USD $15 or a free bumper case. Engadget reported that customers who had taken a free or returned their iPhone 4s are not eligible for the settlement.

Apple reaches settlement for Antennagate

Users can head on over to to find more information, once it goes live. Also Apple is required to send out an email to iPhone 4 customers by April 30th.  The claims period is then open for 120 days.

Antennagate was first reported when users experienced signal loss when the lower part of the phone was gripped. Apple suggested holding the phone differently, and then tweaked the signal formula before finally offering free cases or refunded users who already bought bumpers.

Co-lead Counsel Ira Rothken who represented the class action suit, said the suit affects 25 million users and that the settlement is ‘fair and reasonable’. 

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