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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tips and Tricks: Setting up an Email account

September 23, 2011
by Lim Pei Hao

23 September 2011 In this tips and tricks, we shall show you how to setup an email account other than Gmail such as Hotmail and Yahoo on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. To begin, go to all apps and tap on the email icon to initiate the setup wizard, and then follow the steps below: 

1. Key in your desired email address and password 

2. You are free to tweak the type of notifications, period to sync email and calendar and the emails retrieval size. 

3. Name your email account 

4. Done! 

Alternatively, you can remove your email account by: 

1. Go to Settings 

2. Tap on Accounts and sync 

3. Select your desired email account you wish to remove 

4. Hit Remove account on the top right corner of the screen

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