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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tips and Tricks: Setting up APN

August 3, 2011
by Lim Pei Hao

03 August 2011 Most of the time you can simply connect to the 3G Internet connection of your desired telco by plugging your SIM card into the 3G version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, if it does not work, here are the steps to help you setting up APN. 

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Wireless and Networks

3. Tap on Mobile Networks

4. Make sure Use Packet Data is checked

5. Select Access Point Name (APN)

6. Tap on the button of the top right corner of the screen

7. Select New APN

8. Fill in the necessary details

9. Once done, click same button and then click save

10. Start surfing the net!

Depending on your network operator: 

Maxis 3G 

Access point name: unet
Account name: Maxis 3G WAP
Proxy server address:
Proxy server port: 80

Maxis 2G 

Access point name: net
Account name: Maxis WAP 2.0
Proxy server address:
Proxy server port: 80

Celcom 3G 

Name: celcom3g
APN: celcom3g
Port: 8080


Name: DiGi Internet
APN: diginet
MCC: 502
MNC: 16
APN Type: default

U Mobile 

APN: my3g 

Note: Just leave the other fields blank unless otherwise specified. 

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