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Garmin Edge 200, a modest cycling GPS

August 20, 2011
By Loh Ving Sung

19 August 2011- Garmin's Edge 200 is Garmin's affordable cycling GPS computer, which mounts onto your bike. Part of the Edge catalogue, it will track your speed, distance, calories burned and time, without additional hardware or setup. The Edge 200 will also map your rides, allowing you download them over USB and share them via Garmin Connect.  

Weighing only 56 grams, the 200 features a GPS receiver with HotFix satellite prediction Garmin claims you'll spend less time waiting and more time riding. However, its lower price point compared to other Edge products means there are no fancy navigation functions or the ability to pull in data from power meters, heart rate monitor or cadence sensors.  

Garmin Connect displays metrics such as time, distance, pace, and elevation. This information is shown through charts, illustrations, reports and a variety of map representations including street, photo, topographic, and elevation maps. With Courses, bikers can log their rides, challenge their own time and post up their routes so others may ride or challenge the course time.  

With the 130-hour memory and 14-hour battery life, you can keep on cycling for quite some time. The Edge 200 is pegged for Q3 availability and should cost $149.99 (estimated RM450).  

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