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Tips and Tricks: Restore the Samsung Galaxy S II to its Factory Settings

July 6, 2011
By Nigel Chew

06 July 2011 - The Samsung Galaxy S II is a fun little device but you have decided that you want to give it away. It is however bloated with all your personal data and you would like it to be cleared before you hand it over to its new owner.  

Remember, this wipes out all data on the device, so be sure to make backups of important data. 

Easily restore the Samsung Galaxy S II to its original settings with these simple steps. 

1. Head over to Settings 

2. Tap on Privacy and you will see a number of options 

3. Select Factory data reset 

4. You have a choice of retaining certain files such as music and photos, but you can choose to wipe them clean as well 

5. Select Reset phone 

6. It was prompt you one final time before you proceed. If you are sure, tap on Erase everything

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