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Pictorial comparison Part 2: Motorola Xoom versus Apple iPad 2 versus HTC Flyer

July 1, 2011
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

01 July 2011 – Continuing yesterday's pictorial comparison, we are looking at a combination of software/hardware differences.  

Rear camera 

The iPad 2 and the HTC Flyer’s back camera are located at the upper right hand corner. The Motorola Xoom’s camera is designed for horizontal usage


(Top, bottom left) Both the Xoom and Apple iPad 2's mail UI are spilt into two – a list of email threads and the email content. (Right) HTC Flyer's mail is more traditional, requiring you to tap on a thread to access it


(Top)Xoom's Honeycomb multitasking bar scrolls upwards, the Apple iPad 2's is right at the bottom, (bottom) Holding the home button brings up the Flyer's multitasking page

App store 

(Middle, bottom) The Xoom's app store has an added Flash interface when compared to HTC Flyer marketplace. The iPad has additional options to browse or update your apps

Internal Memory 

(Top) The Xoom, the iPad 2 and HTC Flyer's (bottom) internal memory user interface

Operating Systems 

The tablet's respective operating systems

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