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Tips and tricks: How to restore factory settings on your iPad 2

June 10, 2011
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

10 June 2011 If you want a fresh start for your Apple iPad 2, or you are giving the iPad to someone else, you can opt to restore the device its factory settings. There are two ways about it, with or without iTunes. If you restore it with iTunes, backup will be automatically made of your files and apps, thus allowing you to restore apps and files from the backup.  

Without iTunes 

1. Head on over to Settings -> General -> Reset  

2. Select 'Erase All Content and Settings' 

3. After this the iPad 2 will only display a plug-in to iTunes 

4. Plug the iPad 2 into iTunes to activate the device 

5. You can restore a previous backup or set it up as a new iPad

With iTunes 

1.Open iTunes on your computer, it helps if you have the most recent version. Then connect the iPad to the computer 

2.Select the iPad in iTunes, it is located on the sidebar 

3.Then Click 'Restore' on the main Window  

4. iTunes will download the latest iOS for re-installation (this may take an hour or more to complete, depending on your connection speed)  

5.When the iPad is restored to its factory settings, a pop-up window will inform you that the iPad wil be restarted. Click 'OK'. 

6.Now you can restore a previous backup or set it up as a new iPad  

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