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Celcom iPhone 4S plans explained

December 14, 2011
By Tan Ming Sin

14 December 2011 – Celcom has just announced their plans and packages coming along with their recommended retail price (RRP) for the iPhone 4S in Malaysia. It seems that Celcom agree with Maxis on the RRP; which is different from DiGi for their iPhone 4S 16GB. Celcom’s iPhone 4S 16GB will also be RM100 lower than DiGi’s iPhone 4S 16GB RRP. Also be reminded that Celcom launch event will be held at La Bodega, Bangsar Shopping Centre tomorrow starting at 12am.

The recommended retail price for iPhone 4S by Celcom:

o             iPhone 4S 16GB Black/White - RM2190

o             iPhone 4S 32GB Black/White - RM2590

o             iPhone 4S 64GB Black/White - RM2890

Celcom will be using their iPlans as well with a new plan coming in this time, the i68. So there will be i68, i98, i148 and i248.  All plans are available on both a 12-month and 24-month basis.

celcom iphone 4s

celcom iphone 4s plan

celcom iphone 4s telco plan

celcom iphone 4s package

celcom iphone 4s bundle plan

celcom iphone 4s malaysia

Similar to Maxis, there will be a promotional price for the device under their iPlans. The lowest you can get is RM 558 for iPhone 4S 16GB from i248 with RM 248 monthly commitment, 24-months contract. Celcom is offering up to 6000 minutes of free calls within Celcom network for i98, i148 and i248 and 3000 minutes for i68.

There will also be a chunky upfront payment up to RM1200 for i248. The upfront payment varies depending on the plans not the device chosen. However this payment will be equally rebated over 12-months.

The total upfront payment will be the summation of the device price and the upfront payment. For example, iPhone 4S 16GB on i248, 24-months contract – RM558(device price) + RM1200(upfront payment) = RM1758.

For more info log on Celcom website, click here.

" Celcom baru sahaja mengumumkan pelan dan pakej mereka berserta cadangan harga penjualan untuk iPhone 4S di Malaysia. Kelihatan juga Celcom seperti setuju dengan harga penjualan yang ditetapkan oleh Maxis yang mana harga tersebut adalah kurang RM100 daripada harga yang ditetapkan oleh DiGi bagi model 16GB. Celcom akan mendakan majlis pelancaran di La Bodega, Bangsar bermula dari jam 12 tengah malam "

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