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Apple Store Malaysia to launch iPhone 4S as well

December 11, 2011
by Nigel Chew GooglePlus

11 December  2011 - Maybe you’re unwilling to queue up on the 16th of December to buy the iPhone 4S? Now you can have it delivered to your home! The phone will be available at the Apple Store Malaysia on the launch day itself, though Apple is still keeping the pricing secret. A disadvantage of buying direct from the Apple Store would be that you are likely not to get a subsidized price and installments from contracts with telco companies.

iPhone 4S Malaysia

There’s also the waiting time for your delivery to arrive. The iPad 2 had taken a while when bought during launch week, and there may be a chance that local Apple resellers like Machines, Mac Studio and so on would also release the device on the same day. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to be tied to an operator and are willing to wait, Apple Store Malaysia would be your best bet.

" Anda mungkin tidak sanggup beratur panjang untuk mendapatkan iPhone 4S pada 16 Disember ini. Kini anda boleh mendapatkanya dengan dihantar ke rumah anda. Telefon ini akan mula dijual di stor Apple pada hari pelancaran walaupun Apple masih merahsiakan harganya. Satu kekurangan membeli dari stor Apple ialah anda tidak akan memperoleh harga subsidi dan bayaran ansuran dari kontrak seperti dari syarikat telekomunikasi. "

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