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Tuesday September 21, 2010

BlackBerry App World downloads top Nokia's Ovi Store tally

20 September 2010 Research In Motion (RIM) has said that BlackBerry App World users are downloading more than 1.5 million apps per day on average, indicating that the store is out-performing Nokia's Ovi Store despite there being a significantly smaller installed base of BlackBerry devices than Nokia terminals, and with RIM being a relatively late entry into the app store game. At this week's Nokia World event, Nokia said that while 2 million downloads are made from Ovi Store daily, 30 percent of these are for other content products suggesting that 1.4 million are apps. The total of 1.5 million downloads also represents a 40 percent increase for RIM over the previous sequential quarter, as BlackBerry App World momentum grows. Earlier this month RIM announced the store had hit the 10,000 apps milestone, and is now available in 65 markets with support for six languages. 

In its Q210 results conference call yesterday, RIM also trumpeted enhancements for developers in the latest version of the BlackBerry platform, BlackBerry 6, which include improved HTML5 and widget support. It said that it is working with developers to enable them to exploit new features supported by the platform, including universal search, barcode scanning, network-based location capabilities, "and more." RIM also said it is starting to bring new developers to the platform, who are building apps on top of the WebKit browser using the BlackBerry widget platform. 

During August 2010, RIM updated the BlackBerry App World store, with the launch of new features to enable better product discovery, deliver easier payment and provide more opportunity for developer profitability. This included the addition of operator billing support - although this has so-far had a limited rollout. The company said that there are 2,000 products available from the store that support the new BlackBerry Torch device, which was launched last month and has yet to see a full international release. RIM said it will be "unveiling some very exciting news on the latest enhancements and future direction" of the BlackBerry platform at its BlackBerry DevCon event later this month. This includes an intention to "embrace and extend" support of HTML5 for both online content services and apps.  

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Source: GSMA Mobile Apps Briefing

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