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Monday August 23, 2010

Celcom Blue Teman 20's get better rates

By Lim Pei Hao
Kuala Lumpur, 23 Aug Celcom has revamped its rate in the new Celcom Blue, aiming for matured customers whose age 25 and above. 

"We should not exclude the fact that most customers that are (in the age of) 23 and 25," said Celcom Marketing Director, Zalman Aefendy. He spoke to reporters earlier this morning during the launch. 

The new Celcom Blue offers voice/video call at the rate of 39 sen per minute, 15 sen for SMS and 35 sen for MMS. Celcom has reduced the voice call from the previous rate of 45 sen, meaning customers will save 6 sen for all voice calls.  

In addition, the standard rate for Teman 20 remained as the previous Celcom Blue. Celcom decided to reward its loyal customers by providing lower call rates for Teman 20 depending on the value topped-up.  

For example, for a reload of RM30, the call rate will be 12 sen per minute, RM50 for 10 sen per minute and RM100 for 8 sen per minute. The special rates are only available within 30 days period upon reloading. Referring that matured customers focus more on voice calls than SMS, Zalman added, "The spending habits (of mature customers) are different from youth, (thus) Celcom built a brand personality to suit them."  

The new Celcom Blue starter pack includes 2 days of free Internet, free access to Facebook and Twitter services for a week and a month of free Call Me Tone. 

The starter pack is available now in the market for RM3.

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