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Monday July 19, 2010

Google: Android growth

by Loh Ving Sung
Google announced its 2Q 2010 earnings on Thursday, and it reported a good outlook on Android. Google CFO Patrick Pichette, and Senior VP of Product management Jonathan Rosenberg said, Android is currently not a huge resource investment for Google but promises a "formidable return" as the "entire ecosystem is exploding". 

Prichette points out that Google is recording 160,000 Android device activations daily -every 2 seconds a device gets turned on. The Android Market is also growing and now has over 70,000 applications, up from the 30,000 it reported in April.  

Rosenberg also noted mobile search on Android grew 300% in the first half of 2010, the web browser is the most popular app on a Android device with search being its primary usage.  

Source: Google Transricpt

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