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Monday November 22, 2010

YES 4G Internet speed test: First impression

by Lim Pei Hao
22 November 2010 We managed to obtain the YES go USB dongle and now we are putting it on a speed test. 

The YES go USB dongle has a similar shape and size as a typical USB flash drive, except the fact that its USB plug could be swivel for about 270 degree. Upon plugging into the PC, it appears as a CD-ROM to perform driver installation. The YES 4G Network manager will start up once the installation complete which prompt you to input your YES ID and password.



The test environment will be conducted inside Mobile88 office which is located at Taman Maluri (Cheras), where we get maximum 3 bars of 4G coverage. 

Our first test would be viewing YouTube as YES claimed to able to view "buffer-less" YouTube. We chosen the latest Harry Potter movie trailer as our test subject and we view it in 720p and 1080p format, after all the use of fast Internet is to enjoy HD streaming. In 720p the video loads smoothly will some lag-ness occurs, while in 1080p, we need to pause it to download in order to view.  

Next, we tried to download the latest PDF reader using a download manager, which the file size comes to about 35MB. The speed maxed out to about 326 KB/s which is translated to approximately 3Mbps of download rate. It took about 3 minutes to complete the download. 

Finally, we tested the Internet speed using and the results as below: 


Overall, the download and upload rate locally and internationally are not impressive. However, we do have to consider other variable factors that might affect the speed. As we mentioned earlier, this is done in the office environment. Stay tune as we update the speed test on outdoors and on-the-go. 

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