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Friday April 25, 2008

Nokia Store opens in Kuching

24 April 2008 – Nokia today launched its first Nokia Store in Kuching and the largest in Malaysia, at The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak. Located on the first floor of Kuching’s latest shopping mall, the new 1,200 sq. ft. store will deliver an enhanced retail experience to customers in East Malaysia. 

Andrew Cheong, Managing Director, Nokia Malaysia who launched the store said: “This new Nokia Store underlines our commitment to the East Malaysia market and our customers here. Nokia Stores are now becoming centres where customers can discover new experiences as they become available and through this store, our customers here will enjoy the same privilege.” 

Andrew Cheong (left) and Zitron Enterprise chief executive officer Albert Goh with some Nokia handphones at the Nokia Kuching outlet launch

The new Nokia Store at The Spring shares some of the signature features of Nokia’s Flagship Stores in New York and Chicago, such as: 

• Product centre-pieces that allow customers to try the full range of Nokia mobile devices for themselves and the wide suite of experiences that they offer. 

• Complete showcase of Nokia’s portfolio of Nseries multimedia computers, business-enhanced Eseries devices, mobile phones and accessories under one roof. 

• Dynamic, original and distinctive spatial qualities. 

The Nokia Store provides a whole spectrum of products and applications that enhance the usability of Nokia devices at the store. Products include music speakers, wireless keyboards, printers, and personal computers among others, while applications include software for music, printing, gaming, presentation and mobile e-mail. 

Additionally, the Nokia Store in Kuching also features an integrated Nokia CARE service centre, providing consumers with the convenience of a one stop shop for all their Nokia needs. 

Andrew Cheong continued, “A large percentage of consumers’ purchase decision is made in-store, so through this store, users can determine which devices are best suited to their tastes and lifestyles, and can make the correct purchase. We are providing users a retail experience where we want them to immerse themselves in the ‘touch and feel’ environment.” 

“Helpful retail staff are on hand to assist them every step of the way – whether they want to know how to browse the internet on their devices, how to sideload music, how to snap and wirelessly print an image, or how to directly upload videos to their blogs without having to use the PC. Such experiences and more are possible today with Nokia devices, so our aim is to share all these opportunities with users, who will immediately feel the difference when they step into the new Nokia Store,” he added.

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