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Wednesday March 26, 2008

3G iPhone to hit Singapore

SingTel, is teasing Singaporeans with the announcement to offer Apple’s iPhone to its subscribers starting September 2008. By then the 3G version of the iPhone will be released and with Singapore mainly employing the use of 3G mobile networks, it’s almost certain that SingTel wants to bring the 3G-enabled iPhone. Currently, the only way an iPhone can be bought in Singapore is in an unlocked state, which by all accounts is an illegal act.  

TodayOnline reports that the iPhone will be offered to Singaporean customers for a retail price of about $700. With SingTel having such a strong presence outside Singapore, we might see the iPhone soon in other Asian and Pacific markets. SingTel has more than 1.8 million Singaporean mobile subscribers and about 125 million across Asia.

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