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Friday June 15, 2007

Sony Ericsson K530i 3G phone and GPS Enabler HGE-100

Berlin, Germany, 14th June 2007. Two new products announced today from Sony Ericsson will help you keep your life in shape when on-the-move. The K530 is a slim 3G phone that gives full and fast access to the Web, plus performance imaging with a 2 megapixel camera and a variety of news, weather and entertainment features. It will even give you the weather forecast. It’s also the first phone to be compatible with the new GPS Enabler HGE-100, also announced today, which plugs into the phone to turn it into your own personal satellite navigation system.  

“If like me you’re amazed how useful ‘SatNav’ is and wonder how you ever managed without it, then the idea of having a GPS-enabled phone, just for those moments when you need it, is fantastic,” says Yuting Xu, K530 Product Manager at Sony Ericsson. “Plug the GPS Enabler into your K530 and you have your own personal SatNav. Because the HGE-100 doubles up as your phone’s stereo headset, it means that you can have a GPS-enabled phone, just when you need it. So as you will see with the K530, there is no compromising on the size of the phone.” 

The K530 3G phone # The Web on the go 

Full and fast access to what the Web has to offer, with a full Web browser # Compact communications 

Push email in a 14mm slim, 3G performer. With 2 megapixel camera # Find me, direct me 

Interactive navigation with the GPS Enabler HGE-100 

Accessible 3G The most affordable 3G phone from Sony Ericsson yet, the K530 will keep you in-touch and on-track wherever you are. Its slim, pocket-sized form factor means you can take it with you anywhere and enjoy the full 3G experience. This means that you can visit your favorite Web sites and enjoy news and entertainment, upload pictures to your blog site and have the latest news pushed to your phone via RSS Feeds. There’s also push email so you can stay on top of your office inbox while on the go. See who you’re talking to and let them see you. Use video call. 

Your all-weather friend You need never be caught out by the weather again, whether you’re planning a picnic, a jog round the park or a trip to the races. The K530 comes preloaded with a version of Weather Access, a weather forecast application that gives you a three-day outlook for free, with unlimited access time. 

Find your way The K530 is the perfect partner for the GPS Enabler HGE-100. However you’re traveling – on foot, cycle, car or bus - just plug in the HGE-100 and let it find your way and direct you with dynamic voice instructions, delivered through the stereo headset. When used with the GPS Enabler, the K530 will also keep you on-track with your fitness training. As a phone and accessory combination, the two can record speed and distance, and also provide visual post-training analysis on the good-sized 2” screen. The K530’s media player will ensure that you always have your favorite songs with you when training. Shoot, blog, share The 2 megapixel camera on the K530 boasts a x2.5 digital zoom and video recording capabilities. With support for picture blogging, you can snap and share magic moments instantly. Upload your pictures to your blog site at 3G speeds to keep your friends and family posted. There’s 16MB onboard storage, enough for you to build-up your own photo album of personal favorites. As your photo and music libraries grow, so can the K530’s memory, thanks to support for Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™). 

Goodbye to boredom The K530 is so versatile it looks good anywhere, from the bar to the boardroom. Whether as a work tool or your social organiser, it opens up a true Web browsing experience at broadband-speed. There’s an FM Radio and Java games engine for those spare moments, or you can download and buy music on-the-go with PlayNow™. You can even identify those songs you don’t know with TrackID™, the music recognition service that has proven so popular with users on the Walkman® phone range. 

The K530 is a UMTS 2100 and GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 phone and is available in Warm Silver in selected markets from Q3 2007. 

The HGE-100 GPS Enabler 

1. Find your way 

Navigation with voice and text commands 

1. Stay on track 

‘Tracker’ GPS sports application records training sessions and analyses performance 

1. Add flexibility 

Compatible with many Sony Ericsson phones. Plugs in and doubles as a stereo portable handsfree. 

The HGE-100 is the first personal GPS navigator that is built-in to a Stereo Portable Handsfree. This gives you the flexibility to decide when you want GPS on your phone. Plug it into your phone when you wish, use it as a handsfree to control calls and music or switch to GPS mode when you want to find your way.  

Find yourself anywhere However you are travelling, the HGE-100 will navigate you anywhere thanks to the navigation solution which is included with the product. You can choose between voice or text commands, and it’s simple to navigate the graphical, icon-based display. It can save destinations so that you don’t have to repeat your commands if you go somewhere more than once, and you can search your destination by address, person, company and even local points of interest.  

Keep on track Use the GPS Enabler as your personal trainer by using the ‘Tracker’ GPS sports application installed within the HGE-100. It monitors your speed, distance, route and calorie burn, recording and analysing data so you can monitor your progress. Because the HGE-100 gives you full control of your phone’s media player, you can enjoy music or the radio while working out and, if your run takes you further than you intended, you can always navigate your way back home if you need to. 

A great team player Flexible, lightweight and comfortable, the GPS Enabler HGE-100 is the perfect partner for the new Sony Ericsson K530 3G phone, also announced today. There is a universal 3.5mm connector half way up the cord, so you can switch headphones for different environments if you want to. The HGE-100 is compatible with a host of recent Sony Ericsson phones, including the popular K800 Cyber-shot™ phone. 

The GPS Enabler HGE-100 will be available in selected markets from Q3 2007.

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