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Tuesday April 3, 2007

Love letter via SMS getting popular

London, UK – embargo date: 21 March 2007: The British love affair with romantic letters is over, as the nation turns onto amorous texting, reveals research by mobile giant, T-Mobile today. 

With the nation seeking ever more ‘textual healing’, T-Mobile has teamed up with poet Luke Wright to craft the ultimate SMS love poem, and encourage Brits to woo lovers with mobile messages. And, to celebrate World Poetry Day, T-Mobile is inviting Brits to become the country’s first ‘Txt laureate’ by texting the best romantic SMS poem to win cash prizes of up to £1000. 

According to the T-Mobile survey 40% of us cherish mobile love messages by keeping them on their handset, and nearly half of us (46%) crave flirty SMSs and poems. Under 24s are the most sentimental - 49% keep more than 20 romantic texts on their phone, while only 16% of people over 45 years keep that many. Women (40%) and under 24s (62%) find it easiest to communicate feelings via text rather than face-to-face, while one in five men (19%) find poetry the most romantic form of communication. 

People dating less than six months also send the most flirty texts (82%) and romantic emails (61%). After five years together this drops dramatically to 58% for texts and 45% for emails.  

Lysa McIntyre, T-Mobile’s Head of Beyond Voice, said:

Lovers clearly adore the joy of text – and every day millions of love messages are sent and received across the UK. It means romantic poetry is flourishing, even though love letters are a thing of the past, and we want to find and preserve the best in our competition to find the UK’s Txt laureate.

T-Mobile wants to make it easy for customers who like to send high volumes of texts -sending a love text is less than 10% of the cost of sending a love letter. We have introduced a great pay as you go price plan called Text Appeal, which is designed specifically for people who love to text. Text Appeal gives customers the best value text rate in the UK market with texts to any network at anytime only 3p each - without any catches.

To celebrate World Poetry Day and the nation’s love affair with romantic texts, T-Mobile is looking for a ‘Txt laureate’ – an ordinary Brit who can write an extraordinarily romantic SMS poem. Texts must be no longer than 160 characters and will be judged by T-Mobile and urban poet, Luke Wright. The free-to-enter competition is open to everyone. First prize is £1000, second is £350, and third is £150. Visit for details.

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