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Piecing Together Samsung’s #TheNextGalaxy

Just less than one week to go before we all find out what is The Next Galaxy a.k.a the Samsung Galaxy S6.  In counting down the days to March 1, Samsung has been dropping hints and teasers, slowly revealing the device bits by bits while still cleverly keeping it under wraps, all leading to the explosive “unpacking” this Sunday. The sense of curiosity has never been higher.

Here are all the teasers (so far) and what they tell us about the S6.


S6 find clarity in darknessHere, it is pretty obvious that the whole thing refers to the camera capability of the S6, rumored to be a 20MP shooter. Although the video gives nothing away, the talk of vision and “light at the end of the tunnel” coupled with the teaser image with the caption “Find clarity in darkness” strongly hints at a great low-light performance.


S6 stop less discover more

S6 get more done get more time

“Faster” and “time” are the keywords here. Most people would have guessed a faster performance via the latest processor and chipset (Qualcomm Snapdragon 810?) but it could also point to a fast-charging feature, which is already built-in the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. Or perhaps it indicates a faster Wi-Fi? The lightning symbol icon ought to give some clues.


S6 the next galaxy

This time, it’s all about the design. “Crafted from the beautiful things I see around me” could very well mean that the S6’s design philosophy is inspired by environmental elements. Could it mean that the S6 is going back to the “designed for human, inspired by nature” route of the very-popular S3?


The most revealing teaser yet. We can now safely say that metal will be a big part of the S6’s construction. Besides that, the statement “borders will disappear” further strengthens what all of us have suspected for long, that the S6 (or its other variant) will have a Note Edge-like curved “Edge Screen” but the conundrum remains on having one or two of them. Last but not least, the show of colors may suggest a Quad HD screen or a new AMOLED display technology is in the offing.


Between now and Sunday, there are still plenty of time for Samsung to further tease us by dropping a hint or two and we do expect to see more. The hype train needs all the momentum it can get to charge full steam ahead.


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