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Part 2: The Selfiephone

Hello fellow Selfie fanatic mortals, let me share with you the weapon of mass shooting!

model 2

So what makes an ultimate Selfiephone. All smartphones in the market comes with a front camera, operated by either an Android or IOS platform. Well it’s the hardware and technology which drives it.

Introducing vivo’s latest Selfiephone, the V7 and the V7+.


It comes with a 24MP front camera which will deliver a clarity level close to perfect. Worried of your fine lines or not so white spots appearing in the capture. Well, this Selfiephone is integrated with the state of the software to tweak your so called “Youthfulness Level” digitally. The front camera can capture great photos under low light conditions with Softlight technology. It fairly brightens up the subject to create a more natural unexposed shot.


Take almost perfect selfies with Face Beauty for a more natural and vibrant look.

face beauty mode

You are having a live video call with your friends or client and makeup is a bit far reach. Don’t worry. The vivo V7/V7+ has a feature called “Face beauty for video calls”. Locate the feature under settings and tweak according for the cover up levels.

face beauty video calls

beauty mode for live vidoe

For the back facing camera, here are some of the shots for your review:






For the vivo’s latest promotion proceed to the following link:


Part 1 : Smartphones vs Selfiephones

… be continued. Part 3







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