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Part 1 : Smartphones vs Selfiephones

If you are looking for a device that captures most of your good looks by yourself or with your family and friends rather than send emails or surf the internet, you are in for a treat….


You can buy any smartphones out there with great selfie cameras. Some may cost up to RM RM5,000 like brand “X” which has surpass the “are you nuts level” and some can be as cheap as RM300.00. Decide and choose what meets your budget without forgetting the quality and reliability in the equation.

If your mind is made up and your choice is skewed towards a Selfie centric phone tagged with a sufficient featured device that drives your daily dose of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter treads, then this should be your pick. The ultimate state of the art Selfiephone you could own without burning a hole in your pocket.


For the vivo’s latest promotion proceed to the following link:


The V7 continues Vivo’s tradition of revolutionizing phone camera technology, by offering a new way to achieve the perfect selfie. The powerful 24MP camera, combined with Vivo’s exclusive Face Beauty algorithm, offers crystal-clear photos and natural facial enhancement. Portrait Mode allows you to take selfies with a beautiful blurred background.

… be continued. Part 2



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