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New patent submissions made by Samsung

Two patents have been filed by Samsung, the first for a sliding display while the other is an under-the-display camera.

LetsGoDigital first spotted the patents, which indicate that Samsung may already be looking to alternatives to implementing notches and punch holes on the display. The first sketch depicts a smartphone with a blemish-free display with part of the device’s sliding back which can be seen at the bottom. Sliding the frame down then reveals another display, indirectly extending the display real estate of the smartphone.

The in-display camera meanwhile depicted in the second design slide sees that the selfie camera positioned at the corner instead of being at the top. The takeaway here is that the detailed drawing showcasing the use of a rotating mechanism for both single and dual selfie-camera module.

Worth noting is that as with all patent submissions, not everything will make its way to the final product.

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