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Meizu unimpressed with the Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X

Although many are praising OPPO and Vivo’s approach to producing truly bezel-less smartphones, there are those that have reservations about them. Jack Wong, Meizu’s CEO, is one of those individuals.

Wong had gone on record being asked if it was any necessity to go through so much trouble just to add a sliding front camera to both devices. He adds that even though the top bezel has been completely cut off, the phones are still too long and as such make it difficult to reach the upper part of the display.

Currently, Meizu does not have a full-screen flagship phone. Its Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Plus sport traditional 16:9 displays albeit with significantly reduced bezels. The impending Meizu 16 may follow the same trend of smaller bezels instead of a full-screen design or a notch.

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