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Maxis Envisions The Future Of Retail Customer Service Through Their New Concept Store

The next time you visit Maxis’ store at The Gardens Mall, the sight of a wholly-transformed space will not escape you. The telco is not only giving the outlet new coats of paint, but also infused it with cutting-edge technologies designed to offer a whole new level of personalised digital experience for customers.

Meet the new Maxis concept store.

With giant digital screens almost enveloping the entire store, customers entering will feel a sense of immersion right away. Maxis claims that this is the first retail store in the world with a combined giant LED screen and eleven units of 98” screens all in one setting. They not only serve to display information but also offer voice-recognition feature which allows customers to compare devices, pricing, plans and accessories easily and seamlessly.

Once you take your eyes off the screens, you will be greeted with a multitude of stuffs going on. There’s the display of all the latest released smartphones, robots, a dedicated gaming zone and a cafe-esque customer service counter among others. The outlet was designed to be as modular as possible to cater to the fast evolving needs of customers and is highly scalable as well as interchangeable. So what you see now may not be the same as what you may see the next time you enter the store a month or two later.

We mentioned cutting-edge technology and this is where things get even more interesting. For starters, there’s Maxis Interactive Retail Assistant or M.I.R.A which is a first-of-its-kind web app that gives customers – among others – a peek into Maxis promos, customised offers and more with them just scanning a QR code on a digital screen right at the centre of the store using their smartphones. Aided by MPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) and wireless biometrics, Maxis personnel will be able to serve customers anywhere in the store, allowing them to freedom to move about freely in the large space. The store is also fitted with RFID technology for customers to freely self-browse accessories of their choice.

Maxis leverages on retail analytics tool to better understand customers for more personalised engagement  including customer demographics and sentiment, customers’ time in-store, customer journey and zonal engagement.

Our brand new concept store is an important part of our long term ambition, which is built around three key focus areas – our ability to cater to the evolving digital lifestyles of everyone, providing a differentiated and unmatched personalised experience, and evolving our culture towards higher levels of innovation and efficiency. With our relentless innovation and deep understanding of our customers’ needs and behaviours, this store not only sets benchmarks for the telco industry, but for the entire retail industry in Malaysia. This is a game changer, and we are proud to be building something valuable for all our customers. We are really excited to unlock the potential and possibilities of an Internet-enabled life, with a new experience that compliments the digitally-empowered customer,” – Gokhan Ogut, Maxis’ Chief Executive Officer.

You can see and experience for yourselves the highly-engaging, rewarding and personalised customer experience envisioned by Maxis at their all-new concept store located at Level 3, The Gardens Mall (next to Isetan and Nike).


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