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Maxis Builds Advance and Intelligent Network for 5G called A.I. Network


Today, the demand for contents are growing day by day. As more data travel the networks, latency may happen more frequently, and user experience can be super annoying, especially when urgent contents are required immediately. To establish a smooth and non-buffered data transmission, Maxis engineers have been developing sophisticated networking software to cater for the super busy traffic.

In order to provide a proper platform for the incoming 5G technology, Maxis has been building an advance and intelligent network called the A.I Network to cater for resilience and latency. The Network is built on a 5G-ready infrastructure based on having the widest fiber-optic connectivity to mobile base station across our nation. The objective is to create the best possible customer experience to cater for the ever-expending Digital Lifestyle needs.



















Why Maxis built an A.I. Network
Find out what goes into the making of our 5G-ready network.

How Maxis maintains the A.I. Network
Meet Nadia and her new partner in network infrastructure inspection!

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