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Unlimited Free Roaming For Your Family Is Now Possible With Maxis FamilyRoam

Ever travel overseas with your family with each and every member needs to be constantly connected? Yes you can turn on your personal hotspot (which is not the most ideal solution), rent a portable Wi-Fi or go through the hassle of purchasing several local SIM cards for every smartphone-touting family member. Or you can get free unlimited roaming for the whole family.

FamilyRoam is Maxis’ newest initiative to enrich the travel experience for the whole family. It takes away the pain of being charged exorbitant roaming cost by offering free unlimited roaming for all Share Lines on MaxisONE Plan and MaxisONE Prime. With just RM38 a day for the MaxisONE World pass, you and all your family members will have access to unlimited data, unlimited international calls and unlimited SMS to be used while being far away from home.

Activating FamilyRoam is as easy as turning on your data roaming, whether you are using the principal or supplementary line, which can also be done by one of your family members. Once the MaxisONE World pass is activated by any member, all family members can subsequently turn on their data roaming to enjoy all the unlimited benefits.

FamilyRoam is now available in these nine Asean countries – Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. Visit for more info on FamilyRoam. | auto loans tampa | | | auto loans tampa | | | auto loans tampa | |