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The Art of Selfie Taking with Vivo V11/V11i

You have probably notice on your social media feed such as Facebook and Instagram that 8 out of 10 of your friends takes selfies. We are currently right in the era of the selfie movement. A culturally strange phenomenon which garners one’s self obsession to embrace it in a form of picture taken holding your mobile device out in front of your face. Tapping on that shutter button and uploading it onto social media.

There are some who are game strong in the selfie game where they take it seriously. Now for those selfie enthusiast, time to elevate your game.

The answer to that doesn’t necessarily mean more makeup, bigger hair, or an entirely new face. Anyone can look great in a selfie, regardless of how they look in real life with some props.

  1. Tools : Photo frame + Leaves or twigs + Ice.

Referring to the demonstration visual, place the ice and leaves on top of the photo frame. Divide the ice to two portion.

  1. Tools :Laser Beam

As demonstrated in the video, your are required to use fill light in different colour to achieve the radiant effect.

As for the rainbow effect, shine the torchlight through a piece of transparent glass. Tilt the glass slightly to the left or right to achieve the rainbow effect.

  1. Tools : Food Wrap and Water squitter

Hold the Food Wrap and spray it with water. Hold it 12 inches away from your face and snap away that confident selfie.

Vivo V11 / V11i is the latest smartphone from vivo Malaysia. It brings you a photography centric smartphone with AI capabilities. V11’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology provides you an easier way to unlock your phone via the screen. Both the phones are available in Starry Night and Nebula which may suit your preference. V11 packs with Super AMOLED Display Screen and both V11 & V11i comes with Halo FullView Display. As for the processor, V11 comes with Snapdragon 660 AIE and 6GB RAM while V11i comes with MediaTek P60 and 4GB RAM. Both phones provide 128GB ROM which brings you a bigger storage.

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