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Take cute & fun selfie with vivo V9 AR stickers

Smartphones have brought about the selfie revolution, and instead of fighting selfies, embrace them. Selfies today are more than just photos of yourself. They can help express yourself in completely new ways in variety of ways. On the latest vivo V9 that are coming to Malaysia by the end of this month, it features a lively interactive stickers built in when taking selfie – AR Stickers.

WeChat Image_20180320194233

AR Sticker features numerous stickers that user can use to decorate their selfies and show off your cute side. Just simply start with your front-facing camera, align your face to the “stickers” outline on the screen. Choose a filter from the options, like a crown or a scary clown mask, and watch as it is applied on your face, moving in real-time with you. You can either record it as a video or take a picture.

Share that picture with your friends or make a kickass profile photo out of it. There are plenty of free “stickers” on offer, so try them out on latest vivo V9.

Stay tuned vivo Malaysia official Facebook for more latest sneakpeaks on vivo V9.
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