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Neffos Smartphones Are Now More Affordable Than Ever – Starting At RM299

Know anybody shopping for a new smartphone that does not bust the bank or perhaps looking for one yourselves? Then take a look at TP-Link’s offerings with their Neffos-branded devices.

All priced below RM1,000, Neffos’ range of smartphones present a good choice for the budget-conscious. From the Neffos X1 Max to the Neffos Y50, there are plenty of options to suit every consumer’s needs. Here is the smartphone line-up with their latest discounted prices

  • Neffos Y50                     – RM349 RM299
  • Neffos Y5                       – RM449 RM 399
  • Neffos C5 Max             –  RM599 RM 499
  • Neffos X1 Lite               – RM 499
  • Neffos X1 16GB            – RM699 RM 599
  • Neffos X1 32GB            – RM849 RM 699
  • Neffos X1 Max 32GB  – RM899 RM 799
  • Neffos X1 Max 64GB  – RM1,199 RM 899


TP-Link is also offering their Worry Free 1+2+3 Programme for the X1 and X1 Max models. Buyers of the models get to enjoy 1 year of screen crack protection, 2 years warranty and 3 months 1-to-1 exchange. Meanwhile, the other models each comes with the aforementioned “2+3” protection.

You can go here to find out where to purchase these Neffos phones.

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