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LG G3 Is Now Available In Malaysia…Well Unofficially

Been itching for the LG G3 ever since you first set your eyes upon the newest LG flagship phone but not pleased that its Malaysian release is not a sure thing yet? Well, here’s some good news for you. You can actually purchase one now locally!

That’s right. Thanks to local retailer DirectD, you can be one of the first consumers in the world outside South Korea (it’s only market at the moment) to get your hands on the LG G3. To have that privilege however, you’ll need to shell out a premium price as the LG G3 is priced at RM2,699 a pop. That’s the highest-price flagship selling in Malaysia currently but for that price you’ll also be getting 2 battery packs and a desktop charger in the package. Oh and the model here is the 32GB variant.

10296563_591702710927896_7363405598551432279_nThey are here! (Photo taken from DirectD’s Facebook page)

Given that LG has a history of bringing their phones into our shore late (or worse, not at all), investing a huge sum on the LG G3 now may not be a bad idea if you’re dead set on making this your next phone. After all, you can’t go wrong with a phone that sells 100,000 units in mere 5 days and THREE times better than the Samsung Galaxy S5 in their home country, right?

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