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imos screen protectors are now available in Malaysia

Since 2004, Taiwanese firm imos has been manufacturing and innovating hardy film protectors for mobile devices, before teaming up with a Japanese company to deliver the next generation of screen protection.

In 2011, imos took off in popularity in Taiwan, producing water- and scratch-resistant films that were not only able to withstand wear and tear but also employed a simple and efficient method to clean smudges and accidental stains.

imos is the must-have screen surface protector from Taiwan

imos is the must-have screen surface protector from Taiwan

Since then imos has become the go-to premium film protector brand in the Chinese territory, gaining significant acclaim for its easy-to-apply method that adds years to your smartphone or tablet that is custom-fitted for the most widely-used mobile brands out there like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and several more.

With seven years in the business of developing protective surface technology, imos screen protectors will shield mobile devices against scratches and dirt- car keys, coins, and other objects in your pocket will have to try hard to damage it. imos also has high resistance to water and oil damage, while still being incredibly transparent and with minimal reflective glare.



Even permanent marker stains can be eradicated with the microfiber cloth that is handily provided

The world’s first oleo phobic display cover that is also extremely water-resistant, imos has spawned multiple imitators who try to copy ultra-protective covering but are much more limited in coverage. For this reason, imos has come out with laser-printed logos that put the stamp of approval on authentic imos films.

imos employs laser-cutting nano technology for precision cutting and positioning of their films, which is how they produce such finely-detailed, customised screen coatings for each model- giving each a unique definition. For example, the iPhone 5 cover is precision cut to exactly fit the circular home button that is ever-present on Apple smartphones, and is snugly fit around the button to prevent liquid spilt on the cover from seeping beneath.


Even water & oil spills are no obstacle for imos films

Smartphone users have been clamouring for imos the world over, and now users in Malaysia will get a chance to provide comprehensive protection for their phone or tablet, as imos has spread its wings to South East Asia and is available in the several sizes including 4.7-inch display size for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, 5-inches for the HTC One, 7-inches for the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, all the way up to 10-inch frames for the 3rd-generation iPad.

imos Malaysia is ready to supply – with the latest being quality films for Sony’s Xperia Z line of devices which includes the super-sized Xperia Z Ultra and the latest Xperia Z1. imos had the screens ready as soon as the form factor of the devices were finalised, and ready to roll out as soon as the devices were available on the market.


imos screen protector for the iphone 5 fits exactly around the circular home button



When you buy an imos cover, you get an exclusive package which comes with the screen protector and a bunch of useful accessories to remove stains and to maintain the screen coating in working order. There will be a microfiber cloth wipe off smudges and fingerprint marks, which you can use after applying the grime & dust removal sticker to pull off stubborn marks and dirt.

Included in the box is a screen protector cleaner, which does just as its name implies; if for any reason you want to remove the imos cover, lead is also provided for safe removal of coating. If anything is confusing to the user, a handy Installation Guide is also included to demonstrate correct application of imos.


Imos screen protectors are available in Malaysia now, check out imos Malaysia’s Facebook page for details.

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