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How To Be A Supertasker On Your Phone With The Samsung Galaxy Note8

You are listening to music on your phone while browsing your favorite social media sites and texting with your buddies, all at the same time. Sounds familiar? Well, almost every one of us does that on a daily basis and we are all multitaskers to a certain extent. However, our true multitasking abilities are somewhat hindered by the limitations of our smartphones. The constant app-switching is not the perfect solution and like it or not, we have to deal with it.

Not if you are a Samsung Galaxy Note8 user though. The productivity-focused device offers us ways to multitask on our phones no other devices can. The larger-than-life display coupled with the feature-packed S Pen make the phablet the perfect on-the-go mini computer to get work done, whenever and wherever you are. For once, we can be real “supertaskers” on our phones – doing multiple tasks at once with full efficiency without the hassle of switching between apps.

With the new Galaxy Note8, Samsung has made it even better than ever, and we’re not only talking about the bigger display that enables users to view and work on more things at once. What’s more, you should also know why the Galaxy Note8 is best paired with U Mobile’s postpaid plans.


The Galaxy Note8 takes advantage of its massive screen to its fullest extent by emphasizing on the multi-tasking aspect more than ever with the introduction of App Pairing and Dual Messenger, which are a match made in heaven with U Mobile’s suite of “Onz” offerings that include Video-Onz™, Music-Onz™ and App-Onz™.

App Pairing lets you open any two of your favorite apps at the same time, ready in split screen view. Love indulging in some of your favorite YouTube videos while working on your assignment? Get started with just a tap away! You can stream all the videos you want with Video-Onz™ not only on YouTube but also on Netflix, iflix, Tonton, Viu and many many more with countless content to keep you entertained even through your most arduous tasks. You can even work on two documents simultaneously, such as having Words and Excel spreadsheets opened side by side, which will make your life so much easier.

But it is not just all about work. You can have your navigation app and music-streaming app on at the same time while you’re driving for instance. With Music-Onz™, your trips will always be an enjoyable affair as you can endlessly jam to your favorite tunes in Spotify, Apple Music and JOOX. U Mobile’s plans also come with Unlimited Waze that will get you to anywhere you want to go without data ever running out on you. This App Pairing combination is definitely one that every Galaxy Note8 user should have saved in their phone.

galaxy-note-8-3679-040App Pairing

Meanwhile, Dual Messenger is a very useful feature especially if you have two separate social media accounts (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for personal and work usage, which is a rather common thing these days with people venturing into online businesses and such. It works by installing a separate copy of the app so there will be two shortcuts for the same app in the app drawer and you can log in to the two apps with different accounts. As a result, you no longer have to bear the hassle of logging in and out between accounts as you can use them both at the same time while maintaining the separation of accounts. Talk about multitasking at its most efficient!

To make the most out of Dual Messenger, App-Onz™ is your best friend as it offers unlimited data for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, three of the most-used social media apps. Upload your wackiest and coolest selfies, videos and even GIF images with the Note8’s GIF-making feature to your social media any time of the day. The only thing you need to worry about is which filter to use, not running out of data!

samsunggalaxyj72017sdualmessengersupportstwoaccountsinsocialnetworkingapps-26-1501046814Dual Messenger

Of course, the S Pen is an essential tool to help you be a supertasker. One of its coolest features is the ability to quickly jot down notes on the lock screen as soon as you pull it out from the phone – you don’t even need to unlock it beforehand and launch the Notes app. It works so effortlessly and it saves as much time as well as effort.

All these multitasking features are ably-handled by the Galaxy Note8’s massive 6GB of RAM so you can be sure that there will not be any hiccups and you will be able to work to your fullest efficiency.


All the U Mobile features that go hand-in-hand with the best of Galaxy Note8 (Video-Onz™, Music-Onz™, App-Onz™, Unlimited Waze) are offered in their Unlimited Device postpaid plans. The telco offers the lowest-priced monthly plan package (Unlimited Device 60) at just RM60 a month with 5GB of high-speed Internet and all the “Onz” features mentioned above. Besides that, they also offer the phablet with their Unlimited Device 90 (RM90/month) and Unlimited Device 130 (RM130/month) postpaid plans which come with 7GB and 10GB high-speed monthly internet respectively with even more additional benefits in the form of Call-Onz™ which gives you unlimited calls to all networks as well as Roam-Onz™ with free data for roaming in 12 destinations across Asia including Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

Details of all the postpaid plans are as below.

Galaxy Note 8 U Mobile UD plans

Be a supertasker today with the best productivity phone and the best plans for it! For more info, head over to

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