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Can The Oppo F5 Deliver Where The iPhone X Fell Short?

It may seem improbable but that’s what it seems. Apple’s upcoming iPhone X has its fair share of detractors for completely omitting the proven Touch ID in favor of going all in with the uncertainties surrounding the FaceID. The Oppo F5, on the other hand, fills that gap by offering both a fingerprint reader (a centrally-located one, that is) and a face unlocking mechanism.

Facial Unlock - F5 (2)

Yes, Oppo has just revealed that the flagship-level face recognition technology will be one of the major features of the F5. To Oppo’s credit, they do make pretty awesome fingerprint readers that are among the fastest in the market and if they can repeat the trick on their Facial Unlock, the F5 could be a game-changer in the mid-range category. If things didn’t work that nice, we can always go back to our good ol’ fingerprint. Options.

Guess we will have to wait until November 2nd to find out as Oppo will officially debut the F5 on that day. Meanwhile, the company also revealed the faces of the three Chinese celebrity ambassadors they have teased for the past week. They are Dilraba Dilmurat (better known as Dilireba), Yoga Lin and Eric Chou Xing Zhe! Did you guess correctly?




On the local front, Oppo regulars Min-Chen Lim, Ayda Jebat, Fattah Amin and Neelofa will once again form the celebrity dream team.

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