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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is getting bad press in China

According to a report by Business Korea, the mass media in China have been publishing negative articles about the Galaxy Note 8 on a daily basis. Pre-order numbers of the Galaxy Note 8 are being compared with the iPhone 8. Samsumg’s flagship device is said to have gotten 20,000 pre-orders while the iPhone 8 has over four million pre-orders.

Note 8 China

Bear in mind however that customers have pay CNY 100 (MYR 63.78) for pre-booking a Galaxy Note 8, while pre-ordering the iPhone 8 costs nothing. According to a Samsung official, a deposit system for pre-booking a Galaxy Note 8 means that they’re more likely to result in an actual purchase.

The primary factor said to be attributing to the negative press is the anti-South Korean sentiment that has developed since the deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). Consumers and media in China are said to be knocking on South Korean brands, including Hyundai, LG, and Samsung, and refuse to purchase them.

Source: Business Korea

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