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The N6 Pro to be announced soon

360 Mobiles smartphone with full-screen display was on TENAA last month, a phone with model number 1713-A01 with a 18:9 display of unknown size, and rear fingerprint scanner. The phone seems to be launching as the N6 Pro, and may be announced next week. Weibo usually reveals the device type used in a post. 360 Mobiles CEO Zhou Hongyi responded to a post he was tagged in on the site.

N6 Pro Preview

The post showed schematics of a full-screen phone which the person asked if it was the 360 full-screen flagship. The CEO’s response didn’t acknowledge the schematics as the phone, but mentioned there would be an announcement next Tuesday (21st November). Some sources say the phone may be launched that day, while others think it’s just a launch date reveal.

The device used in the response is shown as the N6 Pro, and the manufacturer has no device in the market with that name. 360 Mobiles’ latest device is the 360 Mobile Vizza, so it can be assumed the N6 Pro is the full-screen device set to launch soon. 360 Mobiles smartphones are known for impressive specs at affordable prices, and going by CEO Zhou Hongyi’s post, the N6 Pro will keep to that tradition.

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