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Samsung to shut down Game Recorder+

Samsung has just announced that it plans to send its Game Recorder+ app to the grave on 28 February 2018.

Game Recorder Plus

For those who do not know what that app does, it is fairly self-explanatory. The app allows users record the screen and internal audio from the game, or external audio from the microphone. The move is part of a campaign by Samsung to clear out proprietary apps deemed unnecessary.
Samsung did not disclose as to why it is pulling this app, although chances are that it never built the kind of userbase that the company would have wanted for it. Users should back up the videos previously recorded via the app as those no saved will be gone along with the purge.

Do not worry however if you do use the app, as Samsung still has Game Live, a tool which lets you stream gameplay off your devices. The software works in tandem with Game Launcher which organises all of your games in one place, facilitates downloads of games, as well as optimises your device’s performance specifically for gameplay. Meanwhile, Game Tools tweaks settings allowing you to perform tasks such as block alerts during gameplay and prevent accidental capacitive button presses.

Source: Android Central

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