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Samsung shows off drop tests

In a new video posted on its YouTube channel, Samsung has shown off the extensive drop tests its flagship smartphones are put through. Aside from the gorgeous visuals, the video touches very little on the subject itself. All it does is mention that Samsung does a lot of these tests when making the its smartphones. Although Samsung’s claims regarding the rigorous drop tests are likely true, Galaxy smartphones made from the super durable Gorilla glass are still susceptible to damages when they fall to the ground.

The curved and Infinity Displays in the newer Galaxy flagship smartphones are particularly suspectible with regards to its endurance. Furthermore, the replacement cost of these displays is by far more expensive than its predecessors. For better or worse, Samsung tends to come up with sales promotions offering one-time screen replacement for physical damages in a bid to appeal to anxious consumers. Then again, there are always covers as solutions, so there’s that. | | student loans in alabama | | student loans in alabama | | student loans in alabama