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Samsung confirms launch of Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018

After many rumours every now and then, Samsung officially confirmed that it will be going launch its first flagship smartphone for 2018 at the Mobile World Congress which will be taking place in Barcelona in February 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Not Really

So while the device did not come out at CES 2018, the Galaxy S9 will still launch earlier than its predecessor the Galaxy S8, which was showcased at a special event at the end of March 2017. DJ Koh, President for Samsung’s mobile business confirmed the launch date during a press conference which took place in Las Vegas, the US.

Other than that, Samsung not did not confirm anything pertaning to the smartphone, so we will still have to wait until February 2018 at the very mininum. With the device announced earlier, expect to also see it hit store shelves early as well.

Source: ZDNet

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