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LG Will Introduce An Updated LG V30 With New AI Features At MWC 2018

LG may not have their next generation flagship smartphone on show on the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 show floor but they do have some exciting stuff up their sleeves. They are set to introduce an updated 2018 version of their well-received LG V30 infused with…what else but AI technologies.


Said to be more than a year in the making, LG’s suite of AI technologies will focus primarily on making AI-based solutions to deliver “a unique and more intuitive user experience, focusing on the camera and voice recognition”. On the camera part, AI Vision will be able to automatically recommend the best shooting mode once it had analyze the shooting subject, such as food mode (warmer colors and heightened sharpening) being activated when user points the camera at a food subject. The camera will also be able to automatically scan QR codes, initiate an image search or provide the best shopping recommendations on relevant subjects. On top of that, AI Vision will also be able to take better low-light images by measuring the brightness of the actual image that will be recorded.

Over 100 million images were analyzed to develop the image recognition algorithms which resulted in the creation of over one thousand unique image recognition categories,

Next, Voice AI allows users to run apps and change settings with only voice commands by integrating with Google Assistant. Users have a choice from 32 LG-exclusive Voice AI commands such as telling the phone to take specific types of photo or videos (wide-angle, selfie, or a combination of both) without having to delve into the settings.

The good news is that these new AI technologies will not be limited to the 2018 LG V30 and future new models but also coming to older models via OTA updates, depending on their hardware limitations.

More info can be expected from LG on these fronts when MWC 2018 kicks off on February 26.


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