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LG, Samsung confirm they do not slow phones down

Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhones to prolong their lives and prevent battery problems that could cause unexpected shutdowns. Three class action lawsuits opened in the USA for this, with Apple being accused of fraud to force users to buy new devices. Samsung and LG were asked if they do the same, and both declared that they do not slow down older smartphones with aging batteries through software updates.

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LG said they care about their customers, and have never slowed down any phone in the present or future. Samsung said product quality has always been the company’s priority and performance will never be reduced intentionally through software updates, and in fact uses multi-layer safety measures that include software algorithms that preserve battery live by governing charging current and charging duration.

Apple apologized for slowing down older iPhones, now making it possible to replace old iPhone batteries at a reduced price through a new battery replacement program: 29 dollars instead of 50 for replacement. HTC and Motorola confirmed they do not slow down older phones, now waiting for Google’s statement on the matter.

Source: Phone Arena

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