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Huawei planning to sell over 200mn phones in 2018

Huawei currently places third for smartphone brands after Samsung and Apple. The company had shipped 153 million units globally in 2017. At the Honor Play launch event, the CEO Yu Chengdong announced plans of shipping 200 units in 2018.

To achieve its goal, the company would have to ship 30% more units compared to the previous year. The CEO the company can achieve its goal as it has increased its business by 51 times in just seven years, between 2010 and 2017. It also worth noting that Huawei is the number one smartphone manufacturer in China, having surpassed Apple in 2017.

That said, there are currently there are no Huawei phones in the rankings of top-selling smartphones in the world pertaining to the first quarter of 2018. Hot on its trail is fourth place Xiaomi where it is slowly gaining ground. With that in mind, whether or not Huawei will achieve its lofty goal remains to be seen.

Source: My Drivers

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