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Huawei debunks claims of privacy violation through its data collection

Not too long ago, Huawei was embroiled in a controversy where P10 was discovered to have some discrepancies in the flash memory on some of its units. Upon further inspection, while certain units perused UFS 2.1 storage, some models came with UFS 2.0 flash storage with others having eMMC 5.1 memory.

Richard Yu

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, had stepped up to clarify on the matter. While the dust from that issue seemed to have finally died down, a new scandal seems to be emerging. A rumour is claiming that software was installed in Huawei smartphones which could monitor usage behaviour and collect personal data without permission. Huawei quickly responded and denied the existence of such software on its devices, further stating that the rumours as being malicious in nature. The company also set up a task force to work with authorities to trace the origin of the rumour, although the outcome of that is yet to be known.

Source: Gizmochina

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