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HTC One in Black or White?

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A recent video convinced us that the color of the HTC One should be taken into account before deciding which you would prefer, the black one or the white one.

The HTC One is supposed to come in three color variations, black, white and red. We’ve never seen the red one ourselves, but it is clear that it won’t be widely available. However, the black and white HTC One -which is really more sliver than white will be.


The HTC One is not only beautifully designed but equipped with high-end specs as well. This smartphone would certainly be a big hit among smartphone consumers. So why put so much thought into whether you should choose black or white? The Pocketnow YouTube video is just over 7-minutes long and gives viewers a really good close-up look at the HTC One in black and in white.


In the video, it shows that the white HTC One manages to conceal fingerprints really well. On the other hand, not only are fingerprints obvious on the black HTC One, but it is also very hard to get rid of.

Like the iPhone 5, the HTC One also comes with chamfered edges that are prone to denting and chipping. Again, if you were to chip your white HTC One the damage is not obvious at all compared to the damage seen on the black HTC One.

In the end, your choice depends on how you treat your phone. Many people will probably still choose the black HTC One as it is a beautiful looking device, despite the fact that fingerprints and chips will chow more easily.

So which HTC One do you prefer, the white or the black one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: phonesreview

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